4 Tier Greenhouse Cover (PE)

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Designed to fit most four tier mini greenhouses, this reinforced cover from Christow is a perfect replacement for a damaged cover and an ideal upgrade for a standard PVC cover. The reinforced polyethylene cover consists of an internal grid sandwiched between two layers of durable polyethylene. This 3-ply construction makes it far more hardwearing than PVC. It also helps to stabilise the frame and provide better insulation to plants and flowers. A roll-up double zipped door with ties to secure it provides easy access when watering your plants and flowers. Features & Specifications: Slip over polyethylene cover for 4 tier mini greenhouses. Superior durability and insulation than standard PVC. Ties to tightly secure to greenhouse frame. Roll-up double zipped door. 2 ties to secure when tending to plants. Allows plants to absorb sunlight during the day, insulates them at night. For frames measuring H158cm x W69cm x D49cm.

  • Extra-tough replacement cover measures H158cm x W69cm x D49cm and is designed to fit most 4-tier mini greenhouse frames
  • Reinforced PE cover is thicker and stronger than a standard PVC cover to reinforce your frame and provide superior wind-resistance
  • Cover is UV-resistant to reduce fading, but allows plants to absorb the levels of blue and red light they require for strong, healthy growth
  • Door can be unzipped, rolled up and secured with ties to easily water plants, regulate the temperature and encourage pollination
  • PLEASE NOTE: Replacement 4-tier mini greenhouse COVER ONLY. Greenhouse frame does not come included with this purchase
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Product Details

Replacement Greenhouse Cover

4 Tier PE Greenhouse Cover


Replacement cover designed to fit most 4 tier mini greenhouse frames

Extra-tough PE mesh cover helps to promote stronger, healthier growth

Roll-up double zipped door with 2 ties to easily access plants and flowers

Suitable for greenhouse frames measuring H158cm x W69cm x D49cm

PLEASE NOTE: Replacement COVER ONLY. Does not include the frame

Key Information

Replacement Greenhouse Cover

Our 4 Tier Greenhouse Cover is made from reinforced PE mesh material and is a perfect replacement if your existing cover is worn or damaged. The cover is designed to fit frames measuring H158cm x W69cm x D49cm which is the standard size for a 4 tier greenhouse.

Reinforced PE Cover

The cover consists of a white internal grid sandwiched between two layers of polyethylene. Its far thicker than a normal PVC cover which helps to reinforce the frame of your greenhouse and provide superior wind-resistance. It’s also UV-resistant to prevent fading from sunlight.

Promotes Healthy Growth

Because our cover has a white internal grid, it blocks out less sunlight than a cover with a green internal grid. This allows plants to absorb the levels of blue and red light they require for strong, healthy growth. Its thick design also keeps plants well insulated from the cold at night.

Roll-Up Zipped Doors

The cover has ties to securely attach to the frame of your greenhouse and features a roll up door with zips on either side to easily open and securely close. Simply roll the door up and secure it with the integrated ties to leave it open and easily tend to your plants and flowers.

Before Placing Your Order

Always check the dimensions of your greenhouse before you order a replacement cover to ensure it’s the correct size. We suggest measuring your greenhouse frame and not relying on the dimensions labelled on the packaging when you purchased your greenhouse.

Measuring Your Greenhouse Frame

Before measuring your frame, ensure that the poles and connectors are securely fitted together. Check that none are bent or damaged as this could affect the accuracy of your measurements and make the cover harder to fit. Always assemble the frame on level ground.

Frame Does Not Come Included

Please note that this is a replacement 4-tier mini greenhouse cover and the greenhouse frame does not come included. Although we don’t sell replacement frames, we do sell a large range of greenhouses which are supplied with both a greenhouse frame and a greenhouse cover.

Product Dimensions

All dimensions are approx.

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