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  1. Christmas Snowflake Silhouette Light
    LED Snowflake Window Rope Light
    SAVE 35% RRP £19.99
  2. Christow Set Of 3 LED Christmas Bell Rope Lights
    Flashing LED Christmas Bell Rope Lights
    SAVE 43% RRP £69.99
  3. Christow Animated North Star Silhouette Light
    Flashing North Star Rope Light Silhouette
    SAVE 43% RRP £69.99
  4. Christow 2.2m LED Flashing Star Scene Rope Light
    Flashing Shooting Star Scene Rope Light
    SAVE 46% RRP £119.99
  5. Merry Christmas Silhouette Rope Light Large Outdoor LED Wall Decoration Christow
    Merry Christmas Rope Light Silhouette
    SAVE 40% RRP £149.99

Make your home look magical this Christmas with lights and decorations from Christow. Brighten indoor and outdoor spaces with colourful string lights, stunning silhouettes, illuminated trees, LED ornaments and more. With so many decorations to choose from, you're sure to make your house stand out from the crowd at Christmas.

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