Wall Mounted (6)

  1. Christmas Snowflake Silhouette Light
    LED Snowflake Window Rope Light
    SAVE 35% RRP £19.99
  2. Christow Set Of 3 LED Christmas Bell Rope Lights
    Flashing LED Christmas Bell Rope Lights
    SAVE 43% RRP £69.99
  3. Christow Animated North Star Silhouette Light
    Flashing North Star Rope Light Silhouette
    SAVE 43% RRP £69.99
  4. Christow 2.2m LED Flashing Star Scene Rope Light
    Flashing Shooting Star Scene Rope Light
    SAVE 46% RRP £119.99
  5. Merry Christmas Silhouette Rope Light Large Outdoor LED Wall Decoration Christow
    Merry Christmas Rope Light Silhouette
    SAVE 40% RRP £149.99
Make your home stand out at Christmas with our wall-mounted rope lights. Easily mountable to exterior walls and beautifully illuminated by LEDs, our silhouettes come in a range of styles, including flashing bells and stars.
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