LED Cherry Blossom Tree 5ft

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Add a magical glow to your home at Christmas with this 5ft LED Cherry Blossom Tree from Christow. Perfect for brightening your home or garden, it features beautiful blossom flowers which are illuminated by LEDs. Plus, it comes in different colours to create your dream display.

LED Blossom Flowers

The branches of the tree are decorated acrylic flowers which are spectacularly illuminated by bright LEDs. Also, you can choose from a blossom tree with 96 or 150 flowers and LEDs.

8 Flash Effects

Press the button the transformer plug to filter through eight flash effects and create a stunning light display. In addition, you can choose a static glow if you don’t want the LEDs to flash.

5m Power Cable

The tree is powered by a BS IP44 mains plug which is suitable for plugging into an indoor socket. A 5m cable allows you to easily plug it indoors if you’re displaying it outside your home.

Sturdy Stand

An attachable stand is included with a silver eyebolt to securely attach to the tree. The stand has plastic feet to provide extra grip on smooth flooring and protect your floor from scratches.

Ground Stakes Included

The tree also includes a set of U-shaped ground stakes. If you’re displaying the tree outside, the stakes can be used to secure the stand to your lawn and protect it during windy weather.

Preparing for Display

When you first remove the tree from the box it’s supplied in, it’s flexible branches may be a little bent and misshapen. Simply straighten them out to give the tree a more natural-looking shape.


  • 5ft LED Cherry Blossom Tree
  • Choice of 96 or 150 flowers and LEDs
  • Button to select from 8 flash effects
  • UK 3-pin IP44 plus with 5m cable
  • Sturdy attachable stand
  • Set of U-shaped ground stakes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor display
  • Acrylic flowers are beautifully illuminated by bright LEDs (96 LEDs or 150 LEDs)
  • Choose white, warm white, or multi-colour LEDs to suit your Christmas theme
  • Create a magical light display by choosing from 8 flash effects, including static
  • UK IP44 mains plug with 5m lead to easily plug indoors when displaying outside
  • Comes with a sturdy stand and U-shaped stakes for indoor and outdoor display
Product Code: ABC22045

Product Details

Light Up Your Christmas

LED Cherry Blossom Tree 5ft

Enchanting Light Up Cherry Blossom Tree

  • Add a bright, enchanting glow to your home this Christmas with our LED Cherry Blossom Tree. Decorated with light up blossom flowers for a magical display.

  • Choose white, warm white, or multi-coloured LEDs to match your Christmas decor. The tree also comes with 96 LEDs for a softer glow or 150 LEDs for a brighter display.

Mains Powered with 5m Long Cable

  • The tree is mains-powered with an IP44-plug and is suitable for an indoor socket. A 5m long cable allows you to easily plug it indoors if you’re displaying it outside.

  • Because the tree comes in a reinforced box, you may find its flexible branches are bent and misshapen. Simply pull them into position to form the natural shape of the tree.

What You Need to Know

5ft Cherry Blossom Tree with beautiful light up flowers

Choose from white, warm white, or multi-coloured LEDs

Choose 96 LEDs (softer glow) or 150 LEDs (brighter glow)

LEDs flash for a magical display (8 effects, including static)

Stand with rubber feet to protect your floor from scratches

Ground stakes included to easily secure stand to your lawn

UK mains powered with a 5m long cable (indoor socket only)

Suitable for displaying inside and outside your home

Key Information

Beautiful LED Blossom Flowers

We’ve decorated the branches with acrylic flowers to capture the look of a blossom tree in bloom. When turned on, the LEDs illuminate the flowers to create an enchanting light display.

Choose from 8 Flash Effects

Press the button on the transformer plug to choose from eight flash effects and wow your guests at Christmas. As well as chaser, slow fade, and other effects, it also has a static option.

Sturdy Stand & Ground Stakes

The tree comes with an attachable four-prong stand with rubber feet for grip and floor protection. If you’re displaying it outside, you can secure it to your lawn using the stakes included.

For Outside &
Inside Use

Product Dimensions

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