Narrow Shed


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Store your garden essentials in style with this Narrow Garden Shed from Christow. Crafted from pressure-treated wood in a choice of contemporary colours, it measures less than a metre wide to comfortably use on the smallest of patios or garden spaces.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Because the shed is pressure-treated, it's far less susceptible to rot, parasites and insects. We recommend giving it a fresh coat of waterproof paint or base layer preservative once a year to keep it protect from the elements and use it long into the future.

Asphalt Roof With Hatch

The shed also has an apex roof which is coated in waterproof asphalt felt to defend it from the elements and protect it from damp. A small roof hatch provides a perfect storage space for smaller items, such as bird feed whilst a latch allows you to securely close it.

3 Shelves & Full-Height Storage

The shed has ample space for essentials, including three shelves to store a watering can, plant pots and other equipment. It also contains a full-height storage section which measures 127cm tall. The area is ideal for storing a shovel, rake and other taller items.

Lockable Barrel-Bolt Door

A barrel-bolt on the door of the shed allows you to keep it securely locked, so it doesn't blow open in the wind. The barrel-bolt is made from galvanised steel for enhanced durability rust-resistance. It can also be padlocked to safeguard your equipment from intruders.


  • Delivered flat-packed with full fixings
  • Instructions included for easy assembly
  • Size: H179.5cm x W77.5cm x D54.2cm
  • Slimline shed is a stylish space-saving storage solution for smaller garden and patio spaces
  • Pressure-treated wood construction with a barrel-bolt door to securely padlock close
  • 3 internal storage shelves and roof hatch to store bird feed, tools and other essentials
  • Full height storage area measures 127cm to store a rake and other taller equipment
  • Assembled size: H179.5cm x W77.5cm x D54.2cm (measured to outermost point of roof)
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Key Features

  • Slimline shed is an excellent storage solution for smaller garden spaces
  • Pressure-treated wood construction with barrel-bolt door to securely close
  • 3 internal shelves and roof hatch with latch to store your garden essentials
  • Full height storage area measures H127cm to store taller garden equipment
  • Dimensions: H179.5cm x W77.5cm x D54.2cm (to outermost point of roof)
Space-Saving Slimline Shed
Searching for somewhere to store your garden essentials but short on outdoor space? Our slimline shed is a perfect solution. Packed with storage and available in a range of colours, it measures H179.5cm x W77.5cm x D54.2cm, making it perfect for the smallest of patio spaces.
Pressure-Treated for Protection
Our slimline shed has been pressure-treated before applying paint, making it less susceptible to rotting when exposed to the outdoor elements. We recommend giving it a fresh coat of waterproof paint or base layer preservative every 3 years to keep it safe and protected.
Waterproof Apex Roof
We’ve designed our slimline shed with a slanted apex roof which is coated in waterproof asphalt to safeguard the interior from leaking and damp. Its slanted design helps to prevent water pooling on top which could easily weigh the roof down and cause the wood to buckle.
Lockable Barrel-Bolt Door
Whereas most sheds come with a standard wooden latch, our shed contains a barrel-bolt latch. This allows you to padlock the door and keep your belongings safe. Like all the metal fixings used on our slimline shed, the metal latch is galvanised for superior rust-resistance.
3 Internal Storage Shelves
Our slimline shed contains three internal shelves which are perfect for storing and organising your garden tools and essentials. If you don’t want the shelves inside the shed, or you wish to have one or two shelves instead of three, simply leave them out during the assembly process.
Roof Hatch for Extra Storage
Additional storage is provided by a roof hatch which has a box latch to secure it shut and prevent it blowing open in the wind. The roof hatch is an ideal size for smaller items that you don’t use as often or only use on a seasonal basis, such as spare pots for cultivating seeds.
Customisable for Taller Equipment
The interior of the shed measures 124cm from floor to ceiling, making it great for storing a rake, shovel, and other taller equipment. Should you wish to store taller items, you can expand the height of the main storage area by removing the slats that separate it from the roof hatch.
Simple to Assemble
Our slimline shed comes with labelled fixings and easy-read instructions for simple assembly. Remember, assembling something is always easier with an extra pair of hands. Always position the shed on a flat level surface to keep it stable and enhance its wind-resistance.
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