Star Branch Path Lights (3 x 84cm)

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Add a starry glow to pots, paths, and borders with these Star Branch Path Lights from Christow. Each set includes 3 lights with flexible branches and bright LED stars. Choose from ice white, warm white, or multi-coloured LEDs to create your dream display at Christmas.

Starry Sky Effect

The lights have black taped branches. Because the branches are black, they’re less visible at night. This makes the stars look like they’re floating in the sky to create a starry sky effect.


Each path light is decorated with 20 stars which each contain a single LED. The LEDs are designed to fully illuminate the stars, so they stand out spectacularly from a distance.

Battery Powered

The lights are powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included) and feature a weatherproof battery pack for easy display. The battery pack is connected to the first light by a 1-metre cable.

Timer Function

The branch lights have a timer function to automatically light up at a time of your choosing. The timer turns the lights on for 6 hours, before automatically turning them off for 18 hours.

1-Metre Spacing

Each light is linked to the next by a 1-metre cable to cover a distance of 2-metres (1m from the first light to the second, 1m from the second to the third, and 1m from the third to the fourth).

Ground Stakes

Each light also comes with an attachable ground stake to easily decorate a lawn or flowerbed. They look fantastic brightening a lawn or illuminating pots, pathways, and borders. 


  • Set of 3 x Star Branch Pathway Lights
  • Ice white, warm white or multi-coloured LEDs
  • Each light contains 20 flexible branches
  • Each branch is topped with an LED star
  • Each light measures 84cm tall (approx.)
  • Each light includes an attachable 15.5cm stake
  • Length of cable between each light: 1-metre
  • 1-metre long cable linking battery box to first light
  • Battery box is IP44-rated for outdoor display
  • Auto timer function (6hrs on/18hrs off)
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Set of 3 x 84cm pathway lights which are each illuminated by 20 LED stars
  • Stars are attached to flexible black branches to create a starry sky effect
  • Auto timer function to automatically light up at night (6 hrs on/18 hrs off)
  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included) with a weatherproof battery pack
  • Each light comes with a ground stake to illuminate pots, paths, and borders
Product Code: ABC11913

Product Details

Lighting Your Way

Star Branch Path Lights (60 LED)

Light the Way to Your Home at Christmas

  • Add a bright starry glow to paths and borders this Christmas with our Star Branch Path Lights. Set of three lights with white, warm white, or multi-coloured LEDs.

  • We've designed each light with 4 bendable branches and topped each branch with 5 LED stars. When turned on, the stars light up to create a stunning night sky effect.

Battery Operated for Easy Placement

  • Because the lights are battery operated with a weatherproof battery box, they don’t need a socket. As a result, you can easily display them anywhere you want to.

  • For easy placement, we’ve designed the battery box with a 1m cable connecting it to the lights. You can display the lights up to 1m apart to create a 2m long display.

What You Need to Know

Set of 3 pathway lights (84cm tall including ground stakes)

Each path light is decorated with 4 bendable branches

Each branch is beautifully decorated with 5 LED stars

Choose from white, warm white, or multi-coloured LEDs

Timer Function to automatically light up (6hrs on/18hrs off)

Battery box is weatherproof with a 1m cable to first path light

Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Perfect for adding a festive glow to paths, pots, and borders

Key Information

Floating Star Effect

We’ve wrapped the branches and poles with black tape to make them less visible at night. When the stars light up at night, it creates the illusion they’re floating to create a magical light display.

Timer Function

For convenience, we’ve designed the branch lights with a timer to automatically light up at a time of your choosing. Should you wish to, you can also press the button to manually turn them on and off. 

Ground Stakes Included

We've included attachable stakes to easily insert the lights into soft ground and brighten paths, pots, and borders. As well as displaying the lights outdoors, they’re also suitable for indoor display. 

Product Dimensions

All dimensions are approx.

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