Artificial Plain Spruce Christmas Wreath

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Add a warm, inviting feature to your home this Christmas with this Plain Christmas Wreath from Christow. Covered in dual-toned tapered tips, it looks beautiful decorating a front door to greet your guests at Christmas. Plus, it comes in a choice of sizes to create your dream display.

Realistic Tapered Tips 

The wreath has tapered light-green and grass-green tips which are made from soft, flexible PVC. The blend of different shades, lengths, and thicknesses give it a natural, bushy look. 

Plain Design to Get Creative

Although the wreath looks stunning as it is, its plain design makes it perfect for using as a blank canvas and adding your own decorations, such as lights, pinecones, and berries. 

Frame for Easy Hanging

Comes pre-attached to a circular metal frame. Simply hang the frame from a hook to easily decorate a door or wall. Frame is coloured dark green to blend in beautifully with the foliage. 

Preparing for Display

The wreath is delivered in a strong reinforced box, so it’s likely to look a little flat when you first remove it. A guide is included to help you shape it, fluff it up, and prepare it for display. 

Choosing a Wreath Size 

For a more traditional door display, choose the 45cm wreath. If you want to create a more dramatic feature, choose the 60cm wreath, which looks spectacular decorating a wall space. 

45cm Christmas Wreath

  • Dual-toned tapered tips
  • Diameter: 45cm
  • Total Tips: 140
  • Pre-attached frame
  • Care guide included

60cm Christmas Wreath

  • Dual-toned tapered tips
  • Diameter: 60cm
  • Total Tips: 200
  • Pre-attached frame
  • Care guide included
  • Choose from a 45cm wreath with 140 tips or a 60cm wreath with 200 tips to create a perfect indoor or outdoor display
  • Tips are made from PVC and are different shades, widths, and thicknesses to give the wreath a natural, bushy finish
  • Plain design makes it great for adding lights and decorations, plus you can leave it undecorated for a traditional look
  • Pre-attached frame is coloured dark green to blend in with the foliage and allows you to easily hang it on a door or wall
  • Comes in a sturdy box for protection during transit, complete with a guide to help you fluff it up and prepare it for display
Product Code: ABC22021

Product Details

Enchanting Winter Wreath

Artificial Plain Spruce Christmas Wreath

Make the Festive Season Merry & Bright

  • Add a welcoming feature to your front door this Christmas with our artificial spruce wreath. Designed with lush, bushy foliage and dual-coloured needles for a stylish, organic look.

  • Because the wreath is plain, it's perfect for using as a blank canvas. Give your door an enchanting, wintry look with cones and berries. Or a warm, inviting feel with warm white lights.

Choose from a 45cm Wreath or 60cm Wreath

  • For a traditional front door display, we recommend our smaller 45cm wreath. Alternatively, choose our larger 60cm wreath to add a grand statement to your entryway at Christmas.

  • Displaying the wreath inside your home? Choose our 60cm wreath. It looks stunning mounted above a mantelpiece or adding a splash of winter greenery to a festive table display.

What You Need to Know

Choose a 45cm or 60cm wreath

Dual-coloured green PVC needles

Tapered for a natural, bushy look

Bendable brown stems to easily style

Circular metal frame for easy hanging

Dark green to blend with the foliage

45cm wreath tip count: 140 tips

60cm wreath tip count: 200 tips

Key Information

Lifelike Tapered Tips

For a natural, bushy look, we've designed our wreath with brown stems and tapered tips. Plus, dual-coloured light and grass green needles to replicate the natural look and colour of spruce foliage. 

Ring-Shaped Metal Frame

The wreath comes pre-attached to a circular metal frame to easily hang from a hook on a door or wall. What's more, we've coloured it dark green to blend in discreetly with the PVC needles.

Preparing for Display

Because the wreath comes in a sturdy reinforced box, its stems are likely to be a little bent and misshapen. Thankfully, they're bendable to easily straighten out and give a realistic, bushy finish. 

Product Dimensions

All dimensions are approx.

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