Portable Greenhouses (28)

  1. Christow Large Grow Tunnel
    Large Grow Tunnel
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  2. Christow Small Cold Frame Greenhouse
    Small Cold Frame Greenhouse
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  3. Christow Large Cold Frame Greenhouse
    Large Cold Frame Greenhouse
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  4. Christow Tall Cold Frame Greenhouse
    Tall Cold Frame Greenhouse
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Few things are tastier than a juicy cucumber lovingly nurtured by your own fair hands. If you want to experience the joys of growing your own fruit and vegetables, our greenhouses provide a perfect solution. Designed in a range of sizes and styles for gardens big or small, they create the ideal growing conditions for crops whilst protecting them from the elements and garden pests. Choose from greenhouses with shelves to nurture seedlings, grow tunnels for ground crops, or cold frames to extend the growing season all-year round. If you’re looking to replace the cover on your greenhouse, we also have a range of replacement covers, including reinforced covers for extra wind-resistance. Ready. Steady. Grow!

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