The festive season wouldn't be as magical without a Christmas tree taking centre stage inside your home. Hanging decorations, opening presents, and making special memories you'll treasure forever - it all happens around a tree. But with so many sizes and styles to choose from, picking one is no easy task. Thankfully, our Christmas tree buying guide is here to help.

Benefits of Artificial Trees

Once, living Christmas trees were all the rage. But over recent years, more and more people are opting for an artificial tree. And for good reason. Not only do they look incredibly natural nowadays, but you can reuse them every year. As a result, they can save you hundreds of pounds over the course of a few years, leaving you with more cash to splash on presents.

TypeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Total Cost
5ft Real Spruce£45£45£45£45£45£225
5ft Christow Spruce£34.99----£34.99 (save £190.01!)
6ft Real Spruce£55£55£55£55£55£275
6ft Christow Spruce.£39.99----£39.99 (save £235.01!)
7ft Real Spruce£65£65£65£65£65£352
7ft Christow Spruce£49.99----£49.99 (save £275.01!)
*All prices have been calculated using the cost of real trees from several retailers and tree farms.

Measuring Your Space

Before buying an artificial Christmas tree, you need to decide where you're going to put it. After all, you don't want it be too tall or too wide for your desired location. That's why we recommend measuring the height of your ceiling and the surrounding space from wall to wall.

If it's a narrow space, you might find a slim pencil tree a better option than a traditional tree. Like a traditional tree, they usually come in a choice of 5ft, 6ft, or 7ft tall. The difference being that they're half the diameter, making them great for adding a festive feel to a corner space.


For maximum impact, choose a Christmas tree that's a foot or two smaller than your ceiling. That way, you'll have enough space to pop a star, angel, or photo of Nicolas Cage's face on top. Plus, your tree will be close enough to the ceiling to make a grand statement when guests walk in your room.


As well as thinking about the height of a Christmas tree, it's important to consider its width. Ideally, you should choose a tree that's a foot slimmer than the surrounding wall space to avoid the branches getting bent. If the space is narrow, choose a slim tree, rather than a traditional full-bodied tree.

Branches & Needles

Branch Types

Christmas trees with pre-attached branches are a great fuss-free choice. Because the branches are pre-attached to the trunk, all you need to is bend them into shape. Conversely, Christmas trees with hook-on branches require you to hook the branches onto the trunk. Although they take longer to assemble, they tend to have a more natural, bushy shape, making them a more luxury option.

Needle Types

While most of our trees have traditional PVC needles, some of our trees have a mixture of PVC and PE needles. Chief among them being our Fraser Fir. Unlike PVC needles, which are flat, PE needles are injection moulded from the needles of a real tree. As a result, they have a more natural look and feel. And when mixed with PVC needles, they give the tree a bushier look to create a magical centrepiece.

Choosing a Type

Spruce Trees (5ft, 6ft & 7ft tall)

Because they have a tall, bushy shape, Artificial Spruce trees are the closest in appearance to a traditional Christmas tree. As a result, they're spectacular showpiece for larger rooms. Also, they look wonderful displayed beside a window for people to admire from inside and outside your home. As with all our full-sized trees, they also include a stand for immediate display.

Christow 6ft Spruce Christmas Tree
6ft Spruce Tree £39.99

Pencil Trees (5ft, 6ft & 7ft tall)

Although pencil trees are the same height as spruce trees, they have a slimmer shape to take up a minimal amount of room. In fact, they’re roughly half the diameter of a regular spruce, making them an excellent choice for narrow spaces. As well as being perfect for a hallway, they look spectacular displayed in the corner of a room.

6ft Flocked Pencil Christmas Tree
6ft Snowy Pencil Tree £39.99

Miniature Trees (2ft tall)

Of course, if you live in a flat or apartment, you might not have space for a full-sized tree. Consequently, you might find a miniature tree a more practical option. Because they measure a twee 2ft tall, they're perfect for displaying on a table top to maximise your floor space. Also, if you have a full-sized tree, they're perfect for adding a festive feel to other rooms.

Christow 60cm Miniature Spruce Tree
60cm Miniature Spruce Tree £19.99

Choosing a Style

Plain Trees

Unlike pre-decorated Christmas trees, plain trees are a blank canvas you can stamp your personality on and really make your own. Also, you can change their appearance every year by creating different themes with your decorations and adding different coloured Christmas lights.

Christow 6ft Spruce Pencil Christmas Tree
6ft Spruce Pencil Tree £34.99

Frosted Trees

If you want to bring the outdoors indoors at Christmas, look no further than our frosted trees. Instead of plain branches, their branches are lightly dusted with artificial snow for a magical, wintry finish. Because of their snowy appearance, they provide a beautiful backdrop to your chosen lights and decorations.

Christow 6ft Snow Flocked Christmas Tree
6ft Snow Flocked Tree £69.99

Pine Cone & Berry Trees

While most people love the annual ritual of decorating a Christmas tree, some prefer a tree that’s pre-decorated to immediately display. Not only are our Pinecone and Berry trees frosted with snow, but they’re pre-decorated with cones and berries for an enchanting ‘winter forest’ look. And for an even more realistic look, why not upgrade to our Woodland Spruce tree?

6ft Woodland Spruce Tree £49.99

Coloured Trees

In case you didn’t know, monochrome colours are in vogue at the moment with grey, black, and white colour schemes becoming an increasingly popular choice for interior décor. Accordingly, you might prefer a black or white tree for your home at Christmas. Not are they a stylish, modern alternative to a traditional green tree, but they’ll make your lights and decorations really pop.

Christow 6ft White Pencil Christmas Tree
6ft White Pencil Tree £27.99

Fir Trees

Of all the trees in our collection, none are more realistic or luxurious than our range of Fir Trees. Our Alpine Fir trees, available in 6 and 7ft not only have their branches flocked, but they’re different lengths with gaps between them for a gorgeous, natural look. Alternatively, our Fraser Fir trees have a beautiful and dense evergreen look from their combination of PVC and PE needles. The worst bit? Picking which one to go for!

Christow 6ft Alpine Fir Christmas Tree
6ft Snowy Alpine Fir Tree £59.99

Alternative Christmas Trees

So, you're looking for a stylish, contemporary alternative to a traditional Christmas tree? Then feast your mince pies on our pre-lit Christmas twig trees. Unlike traditional Christmas trees, our twig trees have bare branches which are spectacularly illuminated by bright LEDs. What's more, you can display them outside as part of a front of house display.

But if you really want to give your home the wow factor at Christmas, look no further than our Maypole Christmas Trees. Like our twig trees, they can be displayed outside your home and look particularly attractive as the centrepiece on a front lawn at Christmas. However, instead of normal LEDs, they’re illuminated by flashing micro LEDs to produce a brighter, stronger glow and stand out beautifully from a distance.

6ft Snowy Twig Tree with Lights £34.99
1.4m Maypole Christmas Tree £34.99