Snow Flocked Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

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Dreaming of a white Christmas? Make it a reality with this Snow Flocked Christmas Tree from Christow. Designed with beautiful bushy branches and snow covered tips, it’s perfect for a creating a winter scene inside your home. Plus, it comes in a choice of 5ft, 6ft, or 7ft tall.

Beautiful Bushy Tips 

Designed with dual-toned green needle tips and short brown stems for a beautiful, natural look. Soft, flexible PVC tips are wider and thicker than polyethylene tips for a fluffier appearance. 

Flocked Snow Effect

Every tip is flocked with snow to resemble a natural spruce on a snowy winter morning. Perfect if you’re after a pre-decorated tree, though it also fantastic adorned with lights and decorations. 

Hook Style Branches 

Hook style branches are colour-coded to easily hook onto the correct part of the pole. Easier to fluff up than a tree with pre-attached branches because you can do each branch as you go. 

Reusable Storage Box

Delivered in a sturdy box with protective caps on the end of each pole. Protects the box from damage during transit, so you can reuse it when you disassemble and store the tree away. 

Metal Stand Included 

Each tree includes a metal stand with a silver eyebolt to securely attach to the bottom pole of the tree. Rubber feet provide extra stability and help to protect hard flooring from scratches. 

5ft Flocked Christmas Tree

  • Total number of tips: 339
  • Height of tree: 5ft / 150cm (approx.)
  • Diameter of tree: 91cm (approx.)
  • Metal stand with eyebolt included
  • Diameter of stand: 44cm (approx.)
  • Assembly instructions included 

6ft Flocked Christmas Tree

  • Total number of tips: 483
  • Height of tree: 6ft / 180cm (approx.)
  • Diameter of tree: 101cm (approx.)
  • Metal stand with eyebolt included
  • Diameter of stand: 49cm (approx.)
  • Assembly instructions included

7ft Flocked Christmas Tree

  • Total number of tips: 765
  • Height of tree: 7ft / 210cm (approx.)
  • Diameter of tree: 121cm (approx.)
  • Metal stand with eyebolt included
  • Diameter of stand: 54cm (approx.)
  • Assembly instructions included
  • Choose from a 5ft (150cm) tree, 6ft (180cm) tree, or 7ft (210cm) tree to suit your room size and create a perfect display at Christmas
  • Designed with short brown stems and dual-toned green needle tips which are made from soft, flexible PVC for a natural, bushy finish
  • Flocked with snow for an enchanting wintery look, perfect for using as a pre-decorated tree or adding your own lights and decorations
  • Easy to assemble with slot together poles and hook style branches, which are colour-coded to easily fix to the correct part of the tree
  • Metal stand with an eyebolt for secure attachment, plus rubber feet to provide extra stability and protect hard flooring from scratches
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Product Details

An Enchanting Christmas Centrepiece

  • Bring the magic of winter into your home with our Flocked Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree. Full-bodied shape with bushy branches and a flocked snowy finish for an enchanting, wintry look.

  • The tree comes in a choice of sizes to fit your room size and create your dream display. Choose a 5ft tree with a 91cm diameter, 6ft tree with a 101cm diameter, or 7ft tree with a 121cm diameter.

Easy to Assemble & Arrange for Display

  • The tree comes in strong packaging with removable caps on the end of each pole for protection during transit. Each pole slots together with pre-attached branches for easy assembly.

  • Once assembled, simply hook the branches onto the poles. The branches have long, wide tips for a naturally bushy shape. As a result, less time is needed to shape and fluff them up.

What You Need to Know

Choose from a 5ft, 6ft, or 7ft tree to suit your location

Dual-coloured PVC needles with a beautiful snowy finish

Long, wide tips for a natural full-bodied, bushy shape

Easy to assemble with colour-coded hooked branches

Green metal stand included for immediate display

5ft spruce tree diameter / tip count: 91cm / 339 (approx.)

6ft spruce tree diameter / tip count: 101cm / 483 (approx.)

7ft spruce tree diameter / tip count: 121cm / 765 (approx.)

Key Information

Stunning Natural Look

Dual-coloured light-green and grass-green needles help to capture the natural look and colour of a real spruce tree. For a magical wintry finish, we've also flocked the needles with artificial snow.

Colour-Coded Hooked Branches

For a faster, easier set up, we’ve added coloured tape to the trunk and branches of the tree. This allows you to easily match each branch to the correct part of the trunk it hooks onto.

Sturdy Green Metal Stand

Each tree includes a green metal stand with rubber feet to provide superior grip on flooring and protect it from scratches. An eyebolt allows you to securely attach it to the bottom of the tree.

Product Dimensions

All dimensions are approx.

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