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Artificial Plants & Trees

Love plants but lack green fingers? For a fuss-free alternative that looks every bit as lush as the real thing, look no further than our Artificial Plants & Trees. Forget about watering, pruning, and repotting because other than the occasional dust, they require no care at all. Plus, they don't need any sunlight, so you can use them to brighten any area around your home.

Lush Lifelike Look & Feel

From our fabulous Ficus to our gorgeous Palm, all our faux plants come pre-potted for instant display. We've also designed them with wooden trunks and feel-real leaves for a stunning, natural look. Choose from a wide range of potted plants, including a rose tree with lush artificial flowers in various stages of bloom. Plus, a bamboo designed using real bamboo canes.

Suitable for Homes & Gardens

As well as adding a splash of greenery to rooms, you can display our fake plants outdoors, too. For example, our bay trees look beautiful framing a door to create a welcoming display. Just make sure they're in a relatively sheltered spot and away from direct sunlight. This will ensure the lush colour of their leaves and flowers doesn't fade when exposed to the sun.

Create a Vertical Garden

Besides high quality artificial house plants, we also have faux living walls to breathe life into walls and fences. Designed for indoors and outdoors, they're perfect for transforming a wall space into a vertical garden. Choose from a range of styles, including boxwood, wisteria, and spring flowers in bloom. Or add a tropical feel with our Paradise and Oasis living walls.

Looking for artificial greenery for your garden? As well as artificial trees, plants, and living walls, we also have a fantastic range of artificial trellises. They're great for brightening garden walls and fences. Or using as privacy screening to create a perfect outdoor chillout space.

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