Twinkling Starburst Star Christmas Light (60cm)


Make your home look magical with this Star Starburst Christmas Light from Christow. Perfect for decorating a wall, fence, or window, it measures 60cm and is illuminated by micro LEDS – including some that flash! Plus, it comes in a choice of colours to create your dream display.

Extra-Bright Micro LEDs

Illuminated by 240 micro LEDs which emit a stronger, brighter glow than normal LEDs. Fitted to flexible 3cm pin wires, so you can easily shape them to create a spectacular starburst effect

Sparkly Snowflake Effect 

Micro LEDs are arranged in bunches of six with two LEDs flashing per bunch. Creates a sparkly light display to resemble a twinkling star. Light doesn’t come with a static function.

White Frame & Silver Wires 

Designed with a white frame which reflects the glow from the LEDs to beautiful effect. LEDs have thin, silver wires to blend in with the frame and create a more attractive silhouette. 

5m Power Cable

UK BS IP44 plug with a 5-metre clear cable to easily plug indoors when displaying outdoors. Suitable for plugging into an indoor socket or an IP66-rated weatherproof outdoor socket. 

Ring for Easy Hanging 

Designed with a metal ring to easily hang on a fence or wall. Additionally, you can use a nylon wire to dangle it over a window. Plus, it looks stunning propped up on a shelf or mantelpiece.


  • Diameter: 60cm (approx.)
  • Total number of Micro LEDs: 240
  • Number of Flashing Micro LEDs: 80
  • Length of Pin Wires: 3cm
  • Wire Colour: Silver
  • Frame Colour: White Metal
  • UK 3-pin plug with 5m cable
  • Metal loop for easy hanging
  • Instruction manual included
  • Starburst light measures 60cm and comes with a choice of 240 warm white micro LEDs or 240 multi-colour micro LEDs
  • Micro LEDs emit a brighter glow than normal LEDs and are fitted to 3cm pin wires to create a spectacular starburst effect
  • Micro LEDs are bunched in groups of 6 with 2 LEDs flashing per bunch (80 in total) to create a beautiful, sparkly display
  • Designed with thin silver wires which are tightly wrapped around a white metal frame to create a more attractive silhouette
  • Loop for easy hanging, plus a UK 3-pin plug with a 5m cable to easily plug indoors if you’re placing it outside your home
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Product Code: ABC22028

Product Details

Add Some Sparkle to Your Home at Christmas

  • Add a magical starry glow to your home with our Twinkling Star Staburst Christmas Light. Beautifully illuminated by micro LEDs – including some that flash!

  • For a bright burst of colour, we’ve fitted the LEDs to pin wires to create an exploding starburst effect. The pin wires are flexible to easily bend into your desired position

Mains Powered for Indoor & Outdoor Display

  • The star is mains powered with an IP44-rated transformer plug. Although the star is suitable for outdoors, the plug is only suitable for an indoor socket.

  • The plug has a 5m long cable attaching it to the light. At 5m long, there's plenty of length to plug it indoors if you're displaying the star light outside your home.

What You Need to Know

Christmas Star light has a diameter of 60cm (approx.)

Illuminated by 240 micro LEDs for a stronger, brighter glow

80 of the LEDs twinkle to create a magical, sparkly display

Choose from warm white or multi-coloured micro LEDs

LEDs fitted to silver pin wires to create a starburst effect

Durable white metal frame with loop for easy hanging

Mains powered with IP44 plug and 5m cable (indoor socket only)

Perfect for brightening both indoor and outdoor spaces

Key Information

Product Dimensions

All dimensions are approx.

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