Artificial Plain Spruce Christmas Garland

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Create a charming, traditional display this Christmas with our Plain Christmas Garland. Decorated with realistic dual-toned tapered tips, it’s perfect for adding a festive feel to mantels, doorways, and banisters. Plus, it comes in a choice of sizes to create your dream display.

Realistic Tapered Tips 

The garland has tapered light-green and grass-green tips which are made from soft, flexible PVC. The blend of different shades, lengths, and thicknesses give it a natural, bushy look. 

Plain Design to Get Creative

Although the garland looks stunning as it is, its plain design makes it perfect for using as a blank canvas and adding your own decorations, such as lights, pinecones, and berries. 

Loops for Easy Hanging

Garland has pre-attached metal loops on each end to easily hang in your desired locations. Loops are coloured green to blend in with the foliage and create a more attractive feature. 

Preparing for Display

The garland is delivered in a strong reinforced box, so it’s likely to look a little flat when you first remove it. A guide is included to help you shape it, fluff it up, and prepare it for display.

Choosing a Garland Length 

Choose a 180cm garland for a doorway, windowsill, or mantelpiece. If you’re decorating a double door, archway, or banister, we recommend choosing a longer 270cm garland.

180cm Christmas Garland 

  • Dual-toned tapered tips
  • Length: 180cm (6ft approx.)
  • Total Tips: 140
  • Pre-attached metal loops
  • Care guide included

270cm Christmas Garland

  • Dual-toned tapered tips
  • Length: 270cm (9ft approx.)
  • Total Tips: 200
  • Pre-attached metal loops
  • Care guide included
  • Choose a 180cm garland (140 tips) or 270cm garland (220 tips) to decorate doorways, stairways, mantels and more
  • Tips are made from PVC and are different shades, widths, and thicknesses to give the garland a natural, bushy finish
  • Plain design makes it great for adding lights and decorations, plus you can leave it undecorated for a traditional look
  • Pre-attached dark green metal loops on each end to blend in with the foliage and easily hang in your desired location
  • Comes in a sturdy box for protection during transit, complete with a guide to help you fluff it up and prepare it for display
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Product Details

Enchanting Winter Garland

Spruce Garland

Make Your Home Look Fabulously Festive

  • Add a touch of winter greenery to your home with this beautiful Artificial Plain Spruce Christmas Garland. Lush, bushy foliage and dual-coloured needles for a stylish, organic look.

  • Because the garland is plain, it’s perfect for using as a blank canvas. Give it an enchanting, wintry look with cones and berries. Or give it a warm, cosy feel with warm white lights.

Choose a 180cm (6ft) or 270cm (9ft) Garland

  • For a doorway, mantelpiece, or windowsill, we recommend our 180cm (6ft) garland. Loops at each end allow you to easily tie more than one garland together to expand their length.

  • For wider archways and double doorways, we recommend our 270cm (9ft) garland. If you wish to wrap your garland around a banister, we suggest tying 2 x 270cm garlands together (18ft).

What You Need to Know

Choose a 180cm or 270cm garland

Dual-coloured green PVC needles

Tapered for a natural, bushy look

Bendable brown stems to easily style

Loops on each end for easy hanging

Easy to link garlands together

180cm garland tip count: 140 tips

270cm garland tip count: 200 tips

Key Information

Lifelike Tapered Tips

For a lifelike, bushy look, we've designed our garland with brown stems and tapered tips. Plus, dual-coloured light and grass green PVC needles to replicate the natural look and colour of spruce foliage.

Metal Loops for Easy Hanging

We’ve designed the garland with loops at each end for easy hanging. Plus, we’ve coloured them green to blend in with the foliage. For best results, we recommend using screw hooks to hang it.

Preparing for Display

Because the garland comes in a sturdy reinforced box, its stems may be a little squashed and misshapen. Thankfully, the stems are flexible to easily straighten out and give it a beautiful, fluffy look

Product Dimensions

All dimensions are approx.

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