When summer comes, there’s nothing better than sitting outside in your garden. But even though we all love to bask in the sunshine, we occasionally need to escape it. Parasols provide shade and protection from the sun whilst allowing you to enjoy your garden to its fullest. Additionally, they’re great for adding a splash of colour to your patio or decking.

With so many sizes and styles to choose from, picking the right parasol is no easy task. Thankfully, Christow has you covered. Our Parasol Buying Guide contains all the information you need to pick the perfect parasol for your garden and keep yourself shaded all summer long.

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Parasol Buying Guide: Canopy Size

Before choosing a parasol, it’s important to consider the size of the canopy. Whilst some canopies are a perfect size for a patio table, others are great for shading larger spaces.

2-Metre Canopy

Parasols with a 2-metre canopy are the smallest type we sell. They’re perfect for shading a two-seater bistro table. Also, they're great if your patio or decking is short on space.

2.7-Metre Canopy

Parasols with a 2.7-metre canopy are perfect for shading a six-seater or eight-seater table. Plus, they’re great for keeping you shaded if you’re relaxing on a sun lounger.

Overhanging Canopy

Overhanging parasols are great for shading larger spaces. Unlike normal parasols, they have an offset base with an overhanging canopy, so there’s no pole to restrict your space. As a result, they're perfect for shading sun loungers, furniture sets, paddling pools – even a hot tub!

2.4-Metre Canopy

If you have a four-seater table, or a round six-seater table, a 2.4-metre parasol will give you plenty of shade of protection. Like all our parasols, it comes in a range of stylish colours.

2.7-Metre Half Canopy

Parasols with a half canopy are designed for smaller gardens, patios, and balconies. Because the canopy is half the size of a normal 2.7-metre canopy, it takes up half the space.

Parasol Buying Guide: Pole Material

Parasol poles and ribs are made from steel, aluminium, or wood. Each material has advantages and disadvantages which are worth considering before you buy a parasol.

Steel Pole

Parasols with steel poles and ribs are the strongest type we sell. They’re also heavier than wooden and aluminium parasols for enhanced stability and wind-resistance.

Aluminium Pole

Aluminium parasols are lighter than steel and wooden parasols. They’re perfect if you’re looking for a parasol you can easily move around your garden.

Wooden Pole

Although wooden parasols are less resilient than steel and aluminium parasols, they have an attractive natural look which pairs beautifully with wooden garden furniture.

Parasol Buying Guide: Extra Features

The following features are designed to improve the durability of our parasols and the protection they provide. Each feature is present on all our parasols, unless stated otherwise.

Canopy Material

Our parasol canopies are made from thick 180g polyester fabric for strength and durability. The material is water-resistant, so it won’t absorb too much moisture unless there’s a heavy downpour. As a result, it's great for keeping you dry during light summer showers.

Air Vent

All our parasols have a vent at the top of the canopy to reduce wind pressure. The vent helps to prevent the parasol being pulled up and over if there’s a sudden gust of wind. Also, it allows air to circulate more freely beneath the canopy to keep you cool in humid weather.

Ultraviolet Protection

Most of our parasols have a UV (Ultraviolet) rating of 30+ to protect you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. However, our steel parasols are the only type that don’t provide UV protection, whilst our beach parasols are rated UV50+ to provide extra sun protection.

Parasol Buying Guide: Types of Parasol

So, now you know about the different features, it’s finally time to choose a parasol. Here’s a rundown of the different types we sell and the base you’ll need to go with them.

Upright Parasols

Upright parasols are the most popular type we sell. They have a pole in the middle to support the canopy and are usually placed through the centre of a patio or bistro table, making them great for al fresco dining. Furthermore, they come in a range of colours to add style to any setting.

Parasol with Crank

If you’re looking for a basic parasol, our Parasol with Crank is an ideal option. It’s a no-thrills affair with a strong steel pole for stability and a crank handle to easily open and close.

Available with a 2-metre or 2.4-metre.

2.4m Steel Parasol

Crank and Tilt Parasol

If you're after superior shade and protection, our Crank and Tilt Parasol is a perfect choice. It has a tilt mechanism to easily tilt the canopy and shade you from the sun as it rises and sets. Additionally, it provides plenty of UV protection.

Available with a 2-metre, 2.4-metre, or 2.7-metre canopy.

2.7m Aluminium Parasol


With its wooden pole and ribs, our Wooden Parasol is perfect for pairing with wooden furniture. Moreover, its height adjustable to increase the amount of shade it gives you.

Available with a 2-metre canopy.

2m Wooden Parasol


Boasting a beautiful oriental-inspired canopy in a choice of summery colours, our Shanghai Parasol is a stylish statement piece for your patio or decking. As well as a tilt function to easily tilt the canopy, it provides excellent UV protection.

Available with 2-metre or 2.6-metre canopy.

2.6m Shanghai Parasol

Recommended Base

If you’re placing your parasol through a patio table, an 11kg base will keep it sufficiently weighted. However, if you’re using your parasol without the extra stability of a table, we recommend a heavier 25kg base.

11kg Square Parasol Base

Cantilever Parasols

Cantilever parasols have an overhanging canopy with an offset base, allowing you to make full use of the space beneath the canopy. They’re more versatile than upright parasols and perfect for larger areas. Like all our parasols, they come in a range of contemporary colours.

2.5m Cantilever Parasol

Wherever the sun is situated, our Cantilever Parasol is guaranteed to keep you shaded. As well as a foot pedal to swivel the canopy a full 360-degrees, it has a tilt function to easily tilt the canopy and shade you from the sun as it rises and sets.

Available with a 2.5-metre canopy.

2.5m Cantilever Parasol

Banana Parasol

For unparalleled shade and protection, our Banana Parasol reigns supreme. Not only is it the biggest parasol we sell, but it has a UV30+ rating to shield you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Also, it's easy to operate with a push lever to raise the canopy and a crank to easily open.

Available with a 3-metre canopy.

3m Banana Cantilever Parasol

Shanghai Cantilever Parasol

If style sits at the top of your wish list, you'll love our Shanghai Cantilever Parasol. We’ve designed it with a stunning oriental-inspired canopy to really give your garden the wow factor. Furthermore, it provides exceptional UV protection.

Available with a 3-metre canopy.

3m Shanghai Cantilever Parasol

Recommended Base

Although cantilever parasols have a cross-base, it isn’t heavy enough to keep them sufficiently weighted. As a result, you'll need a set of cantilever parasol base weights to weigh the cross-base down and keep your parasol secure during windy weather.

66kg Cantilever Base

Half Parasols

If you’re looking for a parasol for a small garden, patio, or balcony area, our Half Parasol is a perfect option. Its half the size of a normal parasol to take up half the space. Plus, its flat on one side, so you can push it flush against a wall or fence.

Available with a 2.7-metre canopy.

2.7m Half Parasol

Recommended Base

If you use a regular parasol base, you won’t be able to push your half parasol flat against a wall. As a result, you’ll need a special half parasol base which is flat on one side. It's also made from durable weather-proof resin with an attractive floral pattern.

15kg Half Parasol Base

Beach Parasols

Beach parasols are collapsible into a compact size with a bag to easily carry on summer adventures. As well as a tilt mechanism to easily tilt the canopy, they have a spiked bottom to easily plant into soft ground, such as a lawn or sand.

Designed with a 2-metre canopy in a choice of plain or striped colours.

Portable Beach Parasol

Replacement Canopies

If your parasol canopy is damaged or you fancy changing its colour, there's no need to buy a completely new parasol. Instead, you can buy a replacement canopy and fit it directly to your existing parasol frame. We stock canopies for our 2-metre, 2.4-metre, and 2.7-metre parasols.

Also, they're compatible with parasols from other brands, providing your parasol has the following features:

1. Check that your parasol has 6 ribs as the canopies are only suitable for 6 rib parasols.

2. Check that the frame has a hexagonal shape, so it matches the shape of the canopy.

3. Check the diameter of your existing canopy, so you know the size of the canopy you need.

2.7m Replacement Parasol Canopy