Looking for a perfect festive centrepiece? Say "season's greetings" to our artificial Christmas trees. Go traditional with a spruce or give your home an enchanting winter forest feel with our pine cone and berry trees. Plus, we have miniature trees for smaller rooms and slim trees for narrow spaces. Still not sure which type to go for? We're here to help. Easily compare our Christmas trees and find the perfect for your space and budget with our Christmas tree comparison table.

Flocked Spruce
Fraser Fir
Berry & Cone
Pencil Spruce
Pencil B/W
Mini Trees
A well-loved classicA Show-stopping Snowy TreeAn Elegant Full Bodied TreeA Fun & Festive TreeAn Enchanting Pre-Decorated TreeA beautifully wintery centrepieceA simple slimline solutionA Modern AlternativeTiny but Still Fabulous & Festive
Pricefrom £34.99from £49.99from £64.99from £34.99from £39.99from £59.99from £24.99from £21.99from £19.99
Height/ DiameterH5ft / ⌀83cm
H6ft / ⌀98cm
H7ft / ⌀110cm
H5ft / ⌀91cm
H6ft / ⌀101cm
H7ft / ⌀121cm
H5ft / ⌀105cm
H6ft / ⌀120cm
H7ft / ⌀136cm
H5ft / ⌀83cm
H6ft / ⌀98cm
H7ft / ⌀110cm
H5ft / ⌀95cm
H6ft / ⌀105cm
H7ft / ⌀146cm
H6ft / ⌀106cm
H7ft / ⌀137cm
H5ft / 40cm
H6ft / ⌀45cm
H7ft / ⌀55cm
H5ft / 40cm
H6f t/ ⌀45cm
H7ft / ⌀55cm
H2ft / ⌀51cm
DensityMediumThickThickMediumThickSparse / ThickMediumMediumMedium
ShapeClassic TeardropClassic TeardropClassic TeardropClassic TeardropClassic TeardropClassic TeardropThin PencilThin PencilMiniature Classic
Branch TypePre AttachedHook-OnHook-OnPre AttachedPre AttachedPre AttachedPre AttachedPre AttachedPre Attached
Needle TypeDual-Toned PVCDual-Toned PVCPE & PVCDual-Toned PVCDual-Toned PVCDual-Toned PVCDual-Toned PVCSingle-Tone PVCPE & PVC
Needle ColourNatural GreenNatural GreenEvergreenNatural GreenNatural GreenNatural GreenNatural GreenBlack or WhiteNatural Green
FinishClassicSnow FlockedClassicFrosted with Cones & BerriesFrosted with Cones & BerriesSnow FlockedClassic or FrostedClassicClassic / Cones & Berries / Flocked
Prep NeededSlot Together + "Fluffing"Slot Together + Hook On Branches + "Fluffing"Slot Together + Hook On Branches + "Fluffing"Slot Together + "Fluffing"Slot Together + "Fluffing"Slot Together + "Fluffing"Slot Together + "Fluffing"Slot Together + "Fluffing""Fluffing"
Stand5ft/6ft - Plastic
7ft - Metal
MetalMetal5ft/6ft - Plastic
7ft - Metal
MetalMetal5ft/6ft - Plastic
7ft - Metal
SpruceFlocked SpruceFraser FirCone & BerryWoodlandAlpine FirPencil SprucePencil BlackMini Spruce