Christmas Candle Lights (16)

Bring a bit of warmth into your home this winter with our Christmas candle lights. As well as making nights in feel cosier at Christmas, they're perfect for creating a warm, welcoming ambience when guests call round. Designed with warm white LEDs instead of live flames, they're also safe to use around young children. Perfect if you're inviting lots of family over for the festive season!

At Christow, we have traditional candles made from real candle wax with realistic flickering flames. Not only do they look fabulous at Christmas, but they're perfect for using all-year round. Looking for something a little more festive? Go for a nostalgic look with a traditional candle bridge. Or create a more contemporary display with one of our Christmas-themed candle bridge lights.

Christmastime starts here. Christmastime starts with Christow.


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