2ft Mini Spruce Christmas Tree

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Perfect for smaller spaces, this 2ft Spruce Christmas Tree from Christow looks every bit as beautiful as a full-sized tree. It’s great for adding a festive feel to a table or windowsill. Plus, it looks stunning placed beside a door or inside a porch to create an inviting Christmas feature.

Beautiful Natural Look

Covered in a blend of PVC and PE tips to replicate the colour, texture, and style of a real tree. Combination of tip types makes styling the tree easier by giving it a naturally bushy shape.

Weighted Base for Stability

Designed with a sturdy weighted base to stop it falling over when displayed on a flat surface inside your home. If you’re displaying it outside, we recommend repotting it in a heavier pot.

Wrapped with Hessian Material

The base of the tree is covered in beige hessian material for a traditional rustic look. Gives the Christmas tree the appearance of a sapling with a wrapped root ball for an attractive finish.

Preparing for Display

Delivered in a protective box. As a result, it may be slightly misshapen, so you’ll have to spend time shaping it and fluffing it up. A guide is included to help you prepare and care for the tree.


  • 2 tip types for a natural, bushy look
  • Weighted hessian base
  • Total Tips: 75
  • Tree Height: 60cm
  • Tree Diameter: 51cm
  • Base Height: 5cm
  • Base Diameter: 9cm
  • Instruction manual included


  • Stunning Christmas tree for smaller spaces (60cm tall / 51cm diameter)
  • Mix of PVC and PE tips to replicate the natural, bushy look of a real spruce
  • Sturdy weighted base is wrapped in hessian fabric for an attractive finish
  • Can be displayed indoors or outdoors to create a perfect festive feature
  • We recommend re-potting it in a heavier pot if you’re displaying it outside
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Product Details

Enchanting Tree for Smaller Spaces

  • Short on space for a full-sized Christmas tree? With a height of 2ft, our Mini Spruce Christmas Tree is perfect for adding a festive feel to smaller homes and spaces.

  • Because the tree has a plain, natural look, it’s perfect for using as a blank canvas. Give it a wintry look with cones and berries. Or a warm, cosy feel with warm white lights

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Display

  • Because the tree measures 2ft, it's a great size for a table top, desk, windowsill, and more. It also looks beautiful placed beside a fireplace or brightening a porch.
  • Displaying the tree outdoors? It looks stunning placed beside a door to welcome guests at Christmas. If displaying outside, we advise repotting it in a heavier pot.

What You Need to Know

Mini spruce Christmas tree measures H60cm x Ø51cm

Blend of traditional PVC and lifelike PE needles (175 tips)

Blend of needles gives the tree a natural, bushy look

Pre-attached bendable stems to easily shape and style

Includes a pre-fitted weighted base for optimal stability

Base wrapped in hessian to resemble a sapling's root ball

Perfect size for a desk, table top, front porch, and more

If displaying outside, we advise repotting in a heavier pot

Key Information

Product Dimensions

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