Christmas is as much about the past as it is about the present. It’s a time to reflect on special memories of Christmases gone by while making new memories you’ll treasure long into the future. Indeed, it’s this deep connection with the past that makes traditional decorations as popular today as they were when we were little ones sneaking out of bed to spy on Santa.

At Christow, we stock a wide range of traditional Christmas decorations, including artificial wreaths and garlands. Like our artificial trees, they’re a wonderful way to add an enchanting ‘winter forest’ feel to your home at Christmas. What’s more, they come in a choice of sizes and styles. As a result, choosing one to decorate your home is easier said than done.

Thankfully, our wreath and garland buying guide is here to help. Here, you'll find all the information you need to pick a perfect size and style for your home and create a spectacular display at Christmas.

Christow Frosted Wreath which pairs perfectly with a Frosted Garland.

What is a Christmas Wreath?

Wreaths are wire rings which are traditionally decorated with evergreen foliage. Usually, they’re hung on a front door or above a mantelpiece to create a warm and welcoming feature. Also, they look stunning as a table centrepiece or decorating doors throughout your home to spread some cheer at Christmas.

Christow Frosted Garland which pairs perfectly with a Frosted Wreath.

What is a Christmas Garland?

Unlike wreaths, garlands are long, flexible strands of foliage which are traditionally draped across a mantelpiece to add a touch of winter greenery to a room. In addition, you can drape them across a windowsill, hang them above a door, or wrap them around a banister to beautify your home at Christmas.

Choosing a Wreath Size

At Christow, we stock 45cm (17 inches) and 60cm (24 inches) wreaths to create your dream display. Because they’re designed with wire rings, you can easily hang them onto a screw. Also, if you’re worried about damaging a door or wall, they’re light enough to hang on an adhesive wall hook.

Decorating a Door

As well as making your front door look inviting, you can display a wreath on the door to a living room or dining room, too. While a 45cm wreath is perfect for creating a traditional display, a 60cm wreath will make a bigger impact and is guaranteed to wow your guests when they rock up at Christmas.

45cm Berry & Pine Cone Wreath

Decorating a Mantelpiece

When hanging a wreath above a mantel, think about the size of your wall and the style you’re going for. While a 45cm wreath has a classic look and is ideal for a smaller wall, a 60cm wreath is perfect for a larger wall and creating a more dramatic feature. Also, if you don't have a mantel, they look great on any wall space.

Christow Frosted Garland with a Frosted Wreath hanging above it.
60cm Flocked Spruce Wreath

Decorating a Table

Unless you have a huge dining table with plenty of space to spare, a 45cm wreath is the best choice as a table centrepiece. It looks particularly attractive with a candle in the middle to add a warm, cosy feel to a Christmas dinner setting. However, we recommend using an LED candle as they don’t pose a fire risk.

45cm Plain Spruce Wreath

Choosing a Garland Length

Before choosing a garland, you need to decide where you’re going to put it. While a smaller garland is the best choice for a windowsill or mantelpiece, you’ll need a longer garland for a door display. Although we only stock garlands with a length of 180cm (6ft) and 270cm (9ft), you can hook more than one together to easily increase their length.

Decorating a Mantelpiece

If you’re displaying your garland on a mantelpiece, measure the length of your mantelpiece and allow for an extra 1ft of hanging space on either side. Also, if you want your garland to drape in the middle, you should allow for an extra 1ft of length. For most mantelpieces, a 180cm (6ft) garland is a perfect fit.

Decorating a Door

When hanging your garland around a door, measure the height of your door and times it by two. Next, measure the width of your door and then add the two sums together. This will give you the length you need for your display. Remember, all our garlands have hooks on the end, allowing you to easily fit two together if it needs to be a little longer.

Decorating a Banister

Finally, if you want to wrap your garland around a banister, measure the height of the bottom post and the length of your banister. Add both sums together and times it by two. This will give you the garland length you need. Most banisters will require 2 x 270cm (9ft) garlands.

Picking a Style

So, now you know the size you’re looking for, it’s time for the exciting part: choosing a style. At Christow, our wreaths and garlands come in a choice of three styles. Because they're the same for both our wreaths and garlands, you can easily match them together to create a consistent theme throughout your home. What’s more, they pair perfectly with our range of artificial Christmas trees, so you can take your display to a whole new level.

Plain Spruce Wreaths & Garlands

Plain wreaths and garlands are free from decorations for an elegant, natural look. As a result, they're perfect for using as a blank canvas and adding your own lights and decorations to create a unique display. Both have dual-toned light green and grass green needles which are tapered to resemble the beautiful, bushy foliage of a real spruce tree.

Christow Spruce Wreath hanging on a door.
60cm Plain Wreath
Christow Spruce Garland with a Spruce Wreath hanging above it.
270cm Plain Garland

Flocked Spruce Wreaths & Garlands

Much like our plain wreaths and garlands, our flocked wreaths and garlands have dual-toned tips which are tapered for a fluffy finish. Instead of being plain, the needle tips are flocked with snow for an enchanting finish. Although they look stunning without decorations, the snowy tips provide a beautiful backdrop to lights, cones, and berries.

Christow Frosted Wreath hanging on a door.
60cm Flocked Wreath
Christow Frosted Garland with a Frosted Wreath hanging above it.
270cm Flocked Garland

Berry & Pine Cone Wreaths & Garlands

Although some of us love to spend time decorating a wreath or garland, others want a wreath or garland they can hang straight up with minimal fuss or fanfare. If that applies to you, you’ll love our berry and pinecone wreaths and garlands.

Unlike our other wreaths and garlands, they have a blend of light-green tapered PVC tips, spruce-green PVC tips, and long green PE tips for an authentic, bushy finish. What's more, they’re frosted with snow and decorated with pinecones and berries for a magical, wintry look

Christow Pine Cone and Berry Wreath hanging on a door.
60cm Berry&Pine Cone Wreath
Christow Pine Cone and Berry Garland with a Pine Cone and Berry Wreath hanging above it.
270cm Berry&Pine Cone Garland

Micro LED Lighted Wreath

Are wreaths a little too traditional for you? Our Micro LED lighted wreaths are a fantastic alternative for contemporary twist on a classic decoration.

With a silver frame and warm white LEDs, this wreath will fit seamlessly with the rest of your festive décor. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor display and features a timer function so that you can have it shining bright all evening without the fuss of remembering to turn it off afterwards!

38cm Micro LED Wreath
50cm Micro LED Wreath
Christow Alpine Fir Christmas Tree.

What About a Christmas Tree?

Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a tree taking centre stage inside your home. Similarly to our wreaths and garlands, our artificial Christmas trees come in a range of sizes and styles to create your dream display. For help picking a perfect tree for your home, check out our Christmas tree buying guide. And lest we forget: have a very Merry Christmas!